Top 6 Best Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Chicago

A worker installing solar photovoltaic panel system on the roof.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy source. However, like any other technology, they require maintenance to perform at their peak capabilities.

According to Zion Market Research, the world market for cleaning rooftop solar panels will grow until 2030 (by 5.5% annually!). People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping panels clean to ensure they perform optimally.

Graph depicting the global solar panel cleaning market growth 2022-2030.

Source: Zion Market Research

If you are looking for companies cleaning solar panels in Chicago, it is important to choose a reliable team of specialists with experience. Consider the availability of guarantees and licenses, their expertise in the market, and their reputation. Don’t forget to read reviews as well.

In this article, we have compiled information about Chicago’s six best PV system cleaning companies.


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# 1. EcoClean Panels

EcoClean Panels main page with products and services

EcoClean Panels is a company engaged in cleaning solar panels on roofs and land, which helps Chicago home and business owners maximize their efficiency and lifespan through environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Contacts

★Phone: (872) 266-3311

★Email: [email protected]

What distinguishes this solar panels cleaning service in Chicago from others?

 ➥ Easy booking: No negotiation is required, just quick and easy planning to fit into your busy life.

 ➥ Products of the highest order: The team uses premium cleaning methods and products to ensure your panels are sparkling clean.

 ➥ Reliable business insurance: Choosing this company gives you peace of mind, knowing that your home and solar system are protected from unexpected events.

In addition, EcoClean Panels offers a comprehensive cleaning service for PV panels, which includes:

  1. Cleaning roof solar panels from dirt, dust, bird excrement, pollen, and other contaminants with the help of special equipment.
  2. Inspecting panels for any damage and providing reports on all your issues.

Finally, the company’s experts can share personal advice on how to care for your PV panels and keep them clean.

# 2. Smiling Windows

Smiling Windows main page with products and services

Smiling Windows offers repair and washing services for windows, gutters, and solar panels cleaning service in Chicago and surrounding areas. Contacts
★Phone: 773-641-2849 or 708-639-2315

★Email: [email protected]

The company’s specialists recommend cleaning the photoelectric modules every six months, motivating customers with the idea of fewer repairs in the future.

What is the advantage of using Smiling Windows services? It is a well-thought-out technique for cleaning solar roof panels. Instead of using a high-pressure washer, which can crack the glass, technicians clean the panels with distilled water and a soft brush.  The crew does not use abrasive materials and chemicals that often cause “rough spots” on panels where dirt accumulates more easily.

An attractive option is a free assessment of your PV systems by the company’s experts. To get it, just contact them.

# 3. Palmetto

Palmetto main page with products and services

Palmetto is a company that offers photovoltaic panels and other clean energy solutions.

These solutions include services for cleaning roof solar panels in Chicago.

★Phone: (855) 339-1831

★Email: [email protected]

Personal chat (at the end of the page)

What benefits will you receive if you decide to use the services of this company?

  ➥ Safety first: Palmetto uses proven equipment and methods to adhere to the highest safety standards when cleaning panels.

  ➥ Expert experience: A leader in solar energy, the company excels in installation, maintenance, and panel cleaning. Their thoroughly trained professionals ensure the safe and effective cleaning solar panels on steep roofs.

  ➥ Individual approach: Palmetto understands that every solar energy system is unique, so they offer different cleaning plans depending on the size and type of your panels and the location of your system.

  ➥ Quality service: Striving to provide customers with the highest level of service, the company offers convenient booking, flexible working hours, and quick response to inquiries.

Palmetto’s cleaning solar panels cost in Chicago starts at $300. The expected completion time is 2 to 4 hours.

In addition to a cleaning service for solar panels, Palmetto offers Palmetto Protect, a predictive monitoring system. It provides access to exclusive service discounts and special customer support.

# 4. Sparkle Window Washing

Sparkle Window Washing main page with products and services

Sparkle Window Washing is not just a window cleaning company. They also offer a professional cleaning service for solar panels.

The service area includes Chicago and its surroundings, including Northbrook, Evanston, and Oak Park.

★Phone: (815) 900-5911

★Email: [email protected]

Several aspects make the company’s services an attractive choice for Illinois residents, including:

  1. Professional approach: Sparkle Window Washing has many years of experience washing windows and other surfaces. Their highly trained technicians know how to effectively clean panels without damaging their surfaces.
  2. Licensing and insurance: The company has a license and insurance, guaranteeing reliability and responsibility when performing work.
  3. Сustomized approach: The specialists offer an individual approach to each client, considering all requirements and following an optimal panel cleaning schedule.

Sparkle Window Washing uses professional tools and safe methods to remove dirt:

➥ Washing with water

➥ Skinless brushes

➥ Specialized solutions for removing dust and dirt

The solar panels cleaning service in Chicago by Sparkle Window Washing concerns cleanliness, quality, and reliability.

#5. Chicago Racoons

Chicago Racoons main page with products and services

Chicago Racoons is a full-service PV panel cleaning company in Chicago and the surrounding area.

With many years of experience and commitment to best practices, it offers exceptionally safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions.

★Phone: (773) 902-0292

★Email: [email protected]

Chicago Racoons is a great solar panels cleaning service in Chicago, affordable for low-income families thanks to a free estimate and consultation. To get an estimate for $0, contact the experts for more information.

However, this is far from the only advantage, and you can also expect:

  1. Professional provision of residential and commercial solar panels cleaning services: Thanks to modern methods and equipment, the specialists ensure the optimal performance of your panels.
  2. High quality of service: The company guarantees the high quality of its services and an impeccable result without residues or smearing on the surface of the PV panels.
  3. Compliance with safety measures: The Chicago Racoons company uses deionized water, which prevents mineral build-up on the panels and improves their performance. It also allows for faster and more efficient cleaning.

Chicago Racoons is a reliable partner that will help extend the life cycle of your solar system.

# 6. Property Refresh

Property Refresh main page with products and services

Property Refresh is a house and property cleaning company in Chicago. They offer window washing, gutter cleaning, and, of course, PV panel cleaning.

The company aims to help PV panel owners maximize their investments by keeping their equipment clean.

★Phone: 224-386-4836

★Email: [email protected]

Why choose Property Refresh to clean panels? Consider the following advantages:

➥ Use of special detergents designed specifically for photovoltaic modules to prevent any damage

➥ Experienced team, well-trained, and with considerable experience in cleaning various types of panels (mono- and polycrystalline)

➥ Thorough cleaning of each panel until 100% contamination of various compositions – dirt, dust, bird droppings, moss, etc.

➥ Mandatory inspection for damage by a team of specialists to identify defects and corrosion

➥ Using quality tools, which guarantees the best result

Numerous positive reviews from clients satisfied with the services of the Property Refresh company show that the offered prices match the average cost of cleaning solar panels and are competitive.

DIY Cleaning vs Professional Cleaning of PV Panels in Chicago: What to Choose?

Many Chicago residents try to clean their PV panels themselves to save money. However, there is a significant risk of damaging the panels, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

Remember that installing photovoltaic panels is a substantial financial investment. Therefore, it is better to entrust their cleaning to qualified specialists.

If you need more experience and skills, use the services of one of the best solar panels cleaning companies on our list!

Looking for the top-notch solar panels cleaning companies in Chicago? Get a free solar quote, and do not delay the decision that leads to savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do roof solar panels need cleaning?

Yes, roof PV panels require cleaning. Pollution and debris reduce their efficiency by 5 to 25%. Regular cleaning will help them work at their peak and extend their service life.

How do I find a company engaged in solar panels cleaning near me?

To fulfill your request for a “solar panels cleaning service near me,” search online, ask friends, browse online catalogs, contact local cleaning solar panels companies, or just use our listicle.

What is the cost of cleaning solar panels in Chicago?

Cleaning solar panels service in Chicago costs from $150 to $700. Such a big discrepancy in solar panels cleaning cost depends on the number of panels, their size, availability, and other factors.