Definitive Guide to Solar Panel Cost in Rockford, IL

Workers installing a solar panel system outdoors

Installation of solar panels offers many benefits. Over time, you can significantly lower your energy bills and become independent of energy grids. Using the sun’s power reduces your carbon footprint, making Earth a better place for you and your children to live.

As with any long-term investment, there’s an upfront cost, and this is the biggest, if not the only, drawback of going green.

Solar installation in Rockford, IL, involves several key steps to ensure you’re making the most of your investment:

  • Research solar panel installers in Rockford. Make a list of local providers and national companies with experience in installing and maintaining solar systems in Rockford. Look for candidates with positive customer reviews and certifications that signify that they satisfy solar industry standards.
  • Compare service quality. Consider whether the products and services offered by solar companies in Rockford meet your needs. Consider factors such as panel and battery types, warranty terms, and installation timeline. If your house requires roof renovation before installing solar panels, prioritize companies that can handle all necessary processes.
  • Evaluate pricing options. Consider the best financial option for you — outright purchase, solar loans, or lease. Request solar quotes and compare prices offered by solar panel installers in Rockford.
  • Ask for references. Ask the solar energy companies in Rockford for references from local customers. If possible, contact their past clients to inquire about their level of customer satisfaction and see the results of the company’s work. Personal communication may provide more detailed insights into specific nuances you’re interested in compared to online reviews.
  • Assess companies’ customer communication. Consider how each solar company in Rockford communicates when you request referrals and quotes or ask for their assistance in deciding on solar panel installation. Remember, you may need to interact with them beyond installation, possibly for maintenance or warranty.

Solar Panel Price in Rockford, IL

The main factor impacting the price of a solar panel system in Rockford is its size, which is directly connected to its power output capacity. The average price per watt in Illinois is $3.13. At this cost, the price for a 7.5kW system capable of supplying the average U.S. household is $23,475. After applying Rockford solar incentives, such as federal tax credit, the cost of an upfront purchase is $16,432.

Average Solar Panel Cost in Rockford, IL

System Size (kW) Price Before Tax Credit ($) Price With Tax Credit ($)
5.0 15,650 12,390
7.5 23,475 18,585
10.0 35,400 24,780
12 42,480 31,860


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How We Determine the Best Solar Companies in Rockford, IL

Given the abundance of solar companies in Illinois and Rockford, in particular, the choice may not seem simple. We selected the top three solar energy companies in Rockford based on their services, ratings, and pricing.

Company Area of operation  Description 
Greenlink Energy Solutions IL, WI One of the most experienced solar installers in Rockford offers a complete spectrum of solar services, from financing to roofing. Look out for the company’s discounts, such as early payment, military, and referral discounts, that may lower your system’s price.
Iconic Energy IL, WI Rockford-based solar company offering free consultations to help you make informed decisions and a 10%-discount on all cash or cheque payments.
TruHome Solar  IL, WI, MI, FL A trusted and popular solar installer offering a full suite of solar services and different types of solar panels and batteries. They also have various payment discounts and pricing packages to suit different budgets and preferences.

Factors That Impact Solar Panel Cost in Rockford, IL

The desired amount of solar energy your solar system should accumulate per hour directly impacts its size and, consequently, its price. When evaluating different offers from solar installers in Rockford, consider several factors. Some affect the system’s efficiency, while others address your specific requirements or home peculiarities.

  • Solar panel type: The type of solar panels you choose can significantly affect the overall cost. Panels with higher efficiency ratings, such as monocrystalline or bifacial panels, are more expensive upfront due to their advanced technology and greater energy production capabilities. However, they offer better returns on investment.
  • Solar system model: Solar systems with energy storage capabilities are more expensive than standard grid-tied systems. These systems require batteries to store excess energy generated during sunny periods and use it when sunlight is not available. If you aim for complete energy independence, expect higher upfront costs.
  • Home type: The characteristics of your home, particularly the type and condition of your roof, can impact the complexity and cost of solar panel installation. Homes with complex roof designs, limited roof space, or structural issues may require additional labor or modifications, driving up installation costs. In some cases, roofs may need reinforcement or even complete rebuilding to accommodate solar panels, significantly increasing the overall expense.

Why You Should Consider Solar Installation in Rockford, IL

Deciding whether solar energy systems are worth it in Rockford, IL, or any other location involves evaluating one important factor: the time it takes to return an investment. This factor, in turn, requires answering several questions, including the system’s initial cost, electricity rates, Rockford solar incentives, and the amount of energy the system generates. Finally, a close examination of the data from past decades reveals that energy consumption is not declining, thereby underscoring the importance of investment in alternative energy sources.

A graph showing U.S. energy consumption by energy source from 1950 to 2020
Source: EIA

Given that in Illinois, the price per kWh of energy for the residential sector is 12.56¢, and the average U.S. household consumes 10,400 kWh, the average annual energy bill is $1,306. In Rockford, residents are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, so the average cost for a 7,5 kW system, capable of generating 10,400 kWh annually, is $16,432. When we divide this investment cost by the annual energy bill, we get roughly 12.6, meaning it takes a little over 12 and a half years to achieve a return on investment and start making a profit.

Consider that Illinois typically has mild weather and many days with intensive sunlight, while the midwest states, on average, consume the largest amount of electricity per household. These factors make Rockford a highly favorable location for solar energy investment.

Solar Panel Installation in Rockford, IL: Local or National Installers?

Large companies undeniably have some advantages over small, local competitors offering solar panels in Rockford. For example, they often have access to the latest solar technologies, can afford expensive, high-quality equipment, and offer a wider range of products. They often have more customer reviews and are more likely to appear on Google search pages. However, the last point doesn’t necessarily mean they offer better services, just increased marketing opportunities.

Additionally, consider that offering services in many U.S. states may require solar companies in Rockford to hire subcontractors, which usually negatively affects the quality of services while increasing the company’s prices.

On the other hand, solar panel installers in Rockford, focusing mainly on local customers, aim to build a positive reputation and grow locally. For them, word-of-mouth marketing may be crucial for success, so they’ll focus on delivering excellent services and a personal approach to each project. Finally, solar energy companies in Rockford may offer lower prices and have a better knowledge of local regulations, streamlining the installation process.

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