Solar Panel Cost in Naperville, Illinois

A residential house with installed solar photovoltaic panels

Naperville, Illinois, is an ideal location for harnessing solar power. With approximately 200 sunny days each year, it provides a consistent and abundant source of solar energy, making it favorable for residential and commercial solar panel installations.

Many hesitate to invest in solar installation in Naperville due to the initial cost. The typical price for installing a 5-kilowatt solar panel system in Naperville is approximately $16,085, excluding any available incentives. Yet, over time, it pays for itself through reduced utility bills and state tax incentives. Generally, what you spend on energy now equals what you’ll save with solar.

Explore the pricing options for going solar in Naperville and connect with reputable solar installation professionals to facilitate a smooth transition to sustainable power sources.

Selecting the Best Solar Companies in Naperville, IL

Whether you seek residential or commercial solar panels in Naperville, we offer a diverse choice of installers. Our expert team will assist you in selecting panels based on efficiency, durability, and warranty, ensuring an informed decision.

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So, what factors should you consider when choosing solar panel installers in Naperville?

  1. Energy requirements: Estimate how much electricity you need to choose the number and size of solar panels accordingly.
  2. Quality: Choose solar installers in Naperville with certificates and a proven track record, ensuring a high-quality service.
  3. Guarantee: Research product and performance warranties from manufacturers — generally, the longer the warranty, the more likely the product will last.
  4. Budget: In addition to determining your financial limits, learn about the financial incentives and tax incentives available in Naperville.

How Much Do Solar Panels in Naperville Cost?

The typical expense for installing a solar panel system in the city is priced at $3.22 per watt. For a standard 5 kW system, this translates to an estimated cost of $16,085 prior to any incentives. The price range for such installations can vary between $13,672 and $18,498.

After applying the federal tax credit, the average cost is reduced by 30%. As of April 2024, solar panels in Naperville cost $2.6 per watt on average with the ITC. This is below the national average price for residential solar power systems in the U.S., which stands at $3.00 per watt.

Graph depicting the average price of a 5kW solar installation in Naperville, IL
Source: EnergySage

Naperville offers incentives for installing solar panels. Residents who are Naperville Electric Customers can receive rebates of up to $1,750 for residential solar energy systems. The rebate is based on the system’s size, with a rate of $250 per kW AC. Eligible installations include roof-mounted solar energy systems and solar water heating systems.

Customers owning solar panels in Naperville can join Net Metering, where excess energy they generate can be sent back to the grid, earning them credits on their bills.

See how different solar panels in Naperville cost before and after a federal tax credit.

System Size System Cost System Cost (after ITC)
3 kW $9,651 $6,756
4 kW $12,868 $9,007
5 kW $16,085 $11,259
6 kW $19,301 $13,511
7 kW $22,518 $15,763
8 kW $25,735 $18,015
9 kW $28,952 $20,267
10 kW $32,169 $22,518


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The Best Solar Companies in Naperville: Who Leads the Way?

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or municipality seeking solar solutions, our review will help you find the leading companies shaping a greener future in Naperville. Check out 4 best solar installers in Naperville:



SunPower is a highly-rated solar company in Naperville and beyond for its efficient panels and positive customer feedback. They offer a 25-year warranty and various payment options, operating in all 50 states.

While it may have a higher upfront cost, its panel efficiency (producing 60% more energy than conventional panels) leads to greater energy savings and a quicker payback period.

Blue Raven Solar


Blue Raven Solar, founded in 2014, has expanded rapidly, employing over 1,000 people across 18 states. They offer high-efficiency panels and storage options, as well as in-house financing, including 18 months of free solar energy. They have a strong reputation, with an A+ BBB rating, backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty. Specializing in in-house installation and solar battery services, Blue Raven caters to personalized solar needs.



SunRun, founded in 2007, offers solar panel leasing with a focus on sustainability and long-term benefits. They provide comprehensive warranties and maintenance for leased systems, including coverage for theft and damage. Sunrun offers various services, including solar installation in Naperville, IL, battery storage, and EV chargers. They install efficient monocrystalline solar panels, along with solar batteries like LG Chem or Tesla Powerwall for energy storage.

All Energy Solar


All Energy Solar is a reputable full-service solar installer operating in the Midwest and Northeast regions for over a decade. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB and employ certified installers for residential, commercial, agricultural, and government installations. The installer promises exceptional service from beginning to end, backed by NABCEP certification and dual contractor licenses, rigorous engineering standards, and live monitoring systems.

Factors Influencing the Solar Panel Price in Naperville, IL

Solar expenses encompass more than just equipment and installation; they also include permitting, inspection, and installer profit margins. The cost of solar panels in Naperville depends on various aspects, including:

System size Larger solar systems incur higher costs due to requiring more equipment and labor.
Type of panels Monocrystalline panels have higher efficiency but come at a higher upfront cost compared to other types.
Roof condition The intricacy of the roof, such as its slope, material, and ease of access, impacts both labor and installation costs.
Equipment and accessories Additional components like inverters, batteries, and monitoring systems may add to the total cost.
Installation complexity Complicated roof designs or structural reinforcement needs can increase installation costs.
Permits and inspections Obtaining permits and meeting local regulations impact overall expenses.
Labor rates Charges vary based on market rates, contractor expertise, and competition.

Graphic depicting percentage breakdown of factors affecting the cost of solar panels for home installation.
Source: SolarReviews

Naperville solar incentives play a crucial role in shaping the overall cost of going solar, offering homeowners significant savings. With local tax breaks, rebates, and the federal solar tax credit, homeowners can save big on solar installations, making it easier to switch to solar energy.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Naperville, IL?

As a Naperville resident, you’re likely familiar with scorching summers and soaring energy bills. That’s why exploring solar installers in Naperville and their panels for your residential energy needs is worthwhile. Not only do they aid in reducing your carbon footprint and fostering a cleaner environment, but they also offer long-term savings.

Living in Naperville, transitioning to solar power can be a smart financial move, even if your roof faces north. Here are the top three reasons why:

  • Renewable Energy Credits from Illinois (REC / SREC)
  • Naperville Cash Bonus ($3,000)
  • Property Value Increase from Solar Premium to Real Estate (estimated minimum — $17,500, varies based on property analysis)

The following table displays data sourced from a recent quote obtained through the SolarReviews marketplace for a typical home in Naperville. It’s evident that the payback period is relatively short, offering a significantly higher return on investment compared to historical returns from investments such as shares or property.

Comparative analysis of costs, savings, and payback period for a typical residential solar system in Naperville.
Source: SolarReviews

Solar Installation in Naperville, IL: Local or National Solar Installer?

When choosing between local or national solar installers in Naperville, consider the unique benefits each offers.

Local developers like All Energy Solar bring a deep understanding of the area’s needs and regulations, providing personalized service and quick response times. On the other hand, national companies like SunPower, Blue Raven Solar, and Sunrun often offer a wider range of services and extensive warranties, leveraging their nationwide presence.

Consider these aspects when choosing between solar installers in Naperville:

  1. Cost: National companies may offer lower prices, while local installers might provide competitive rates due to their familiarity with local processes.
  2. Quality: Local installers understand local regulations and conditions, potentially leading to better-tailored installations compared to national firms.
  3. Customer service: Local installers prioritize personalized service, while national providers may offer extended warranties and support.
  4. Expertise: National installers offer broad resources, but local installers possess specialized local knowledge.
  5. Market share: While national installers dominate the market, local firms are gaining traction with their focus on customer service.

Choose the Best Solar Panel System in Naperville, IL

Before proceeding with solar panel installation in Naperville, it’s crucial to consult with professionals who can evaluate your unique needs and offer precise cost estimates tailored to your project.

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