Solar Panel in Joliet, Illinois

Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of family house

Solar panels have revolutionized energy consumption nationwide, adorning more than 4,227,503 U.S. homes with rooftop installations as of March 2024. This transformation spans all U.S. states, yet the surge in demand, particularly in cities like Joliet, Illinois, commands special focus.

EnergySage states that the average cost of installing solar panels in Joliet, IL, is $15,787 this March. However, there are many ways to reduce these costs, such as with the help of the federal tax credit, which encourages investment in the local sector.

Let’s explore the solar panel price in Joliet, IL, as well as reliable solar installers to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition to sustainable energy.

How To Find the Best Solar Companies in Joliet, IL

According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports, 2023 was a year of recovery for the U.S. solar industry — the United States installed 35.3 gigawatts of fresh solar capacity. This highlights how important it is to select top solar energy companies in Joliet, IL carefully. Only installers with the following features pass on:
  • Valid licensing and insurance coverage
  • NABCEP accreditation
  • Extensive expertise
  • Established track record of excellence in service
  • Utilization of premium solar technology
When selecting solar installers in Joliet, consider these important factors:
Workmanship warranties We recommend choosing solar companies in Joliet with a variety of warranties, particularly the workmanship warranty, lasting between one and 10 years.
Use of sub-contractors Guarantee transparency by asking about the team responsible for installing your system and whether subcontractors will be engaged.
Expertise  Seek solar installers in Joliet who tailor systems to your specific needs and provide consultative, professional service, especially if you’re also considering a solar battery system.
Now, let’s break down the numbers and explore how much solar panels in Joliet cost from diverse national and local providers.

Assessing Solar Panels Cost in Joliet, IL

Graph depicting the average price of a 5kW solar installation in Joliet, IL

As of now, solar panels in Joliet cost approximately $3.16 per watt, including installation expenses.

  • For a 5 kW solar installation in Joliet, this amounts to approximately $15,787 before incentives, with prices varying between $13,419 and $18,155.

Another study by SolarReviews reveals the average cost of solar panels in Joliet is around $2.5 per watt. With the 30% federal solar tax credit, a standard 6 kW system totals $10,516. This is less than the national average of $3.00 per watt for residential solar systems.

Solar savings over time in Joliet, buoyed by the federal tax credit reducing solar panel prices by 30% and supplemented by potential state incentives, can amount to substantial savings, potentially saving residents hundreds of dollars.

Graphic illustrating the cumulative savings from solar energy over time in Joliet, IL

What Are the Best Solar Companies in Joliet, IL?

Our impartial team of solar specialists offers expert reviews to guide your business or home’s renewable energy choices. With our extensive experience in renewables, we provide unbiased rankings to help you choose the best solar installers in Joliet.

Sunshine Saves Inc.

Sunshine Saves Inc. emerges as the best local solar company in Joliet, and a synonym of reliability, quality, and education. Their partnership with GoodLeap offers outstanding financing options in the state. Backed by a 25-year workmanship and roof warranty, they stand as a trustworthy choice for residential solar solutions.


SunPower is one of the prominent solar installers in Joliet and the U.S., boasting over 37 years of dedicated experience and an unmatched 25-year warranty. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, they offer residential solar and storage solutions, financing options, and convenient monitoring through their mySunPower app.

All Energy Solar

All Energy Solar offers comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, and governmental needs in Joliet, IL, and other states. They ensure top-tier service from inception to execution, boasting NABCEP certification and dual contractor licensing, meticulous engineering standards, and real-time monitoring systems.


eEquals stands out as one of the premier solar installers in Joliet and other states, boasting unparalleled guarantees and warranties: a 60-day installation guarantee, 30-year warranty, and 25-year production guarantee. The company focuses on tier-one equipment, local, in-house service, and premium-quality installation.


RxSun offers a refreshing approach to solar energy, prioritizing affordability, education, and sustainability. They boast over 500 successful residential and commercial installations, a 30-year warranty, and a commitment to local presence. On top of that, their partnership with Feeding America demonstrates their dedication to positive social impact.

What Impacts the Cost of Solar Panels in Joliet, IL?

Different factors influence how much solar panels in Joliet cost. Homeowners and businesses should take into account the following:
  • System size
  • Type of solar panels
  • Equipment brand and type
  • Weather conditions
  • Authorization and integration
  • Your home and roof
  • Solar installer rates
Larger systems of solar panels in Joliet cost more, as evident. However, with a higher price tag, you’ll receive more as a credit toward your federal tax bill. Additionally, investing in a system capable of covering your entire electricity bill is worthwhile; otherwise, you’ll forego substantial long-term savings. Here is the current average solar expenditure based on the size of solar panel system in Joliet, Illinois:
System Size System Cost System Cost (after ITC)
3 kW $9,472 $6,631
4 kW $12,630 $8,841
5 kW $15,787 $11,051
6 kW $18,945 $13,261
7 kW $22,102 $15,472
8 kW $25,260 $17,682
9 kW $28,417 $19,892
10 kW $31,575 $22,102
Nevertheless, solar panels in Joliet cost less now due to the accumulation of module supplies and other advancements in supply chain efficiency.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Joliet, IL?

Switching to renewable energy, especially solar, is advantageous in regions like Joliet. Its legislation and weather contribute to a higher return on investment compared to other areas. The array of Joliet solar incentives has expanded with the growing competition for low-cost solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements. The solar panel installation in Joliet, IL, has other benefits:
  1. Solar energy in Joliet benefits from its 186 sunny days annually, supported by Illinois laws like the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) and the Clean Energy Jobs Act. These legislations have led to a 43% drop in residential solar prices over five years.
  2. Joliet has 35,800 viable solar rooftops, potentially generating 695,000 MWh yearly. The IKEA Joliet Rooftop PV System, a major solar array, produces 2.0 MW, enough for nearly 300 homes.
  3. Joliet and Illinois prioritize reducing carbon emissions, offering attractive solar policies with A-grade interconnection and B-grade net metering. Switching to solar means lower utility bills, especially with Joliet’s 8% rise in grid electricity costs over five years. Transitioning today could save up to $19,000 over 20 years.

Should You Choose a Local or National Solar Installer?

Ultimately, the decision between national or local solar installers in Joliet depends on your priorities, budget, and specific circumstances. Weigh these factors carefully when choosing an installer with a proven track record of resolving solar-related inquiries, delivering stellar service and quality installations, and offering competitive pricing. When you’re prepared to transition to solar energy in Joliet, it’s advisable to collaborate with a trustworthy and accredited solar firm. Take into account the following:
Cost Larger solar installers in Joliet often offer lower prices due to economies of scale, but local installers may have competitive pricing due to lower overhead and familiarity with local processes.
Quality Solar panel installers in Joliet understand local regulations and conditions, potentially leading to better-tailored installations, whereas national installers may have standardized processes.
Customer service Solar installers in Joliet often prioritize personalized service, while national providers may offer extended warranties and support services.
Expertise Both types of installers vary in their experience and knowledge, with national installers having broader resources but solar installers in Joliet possessing specialized local knowledge.
Market share National installers dominate the residential solar market share, but local installers are gaining ground due to their focus on customer service.

Embracing Solar Power in Joliet, IL, for a Sustainable Future

As solar technology continues to mature and become more accessible, residents and businesses are reaping the benefits of investing in the Joliet solar energy sector. With each passing year, solar savings from your solar installation in Joliet, IL, will contribute to individual financial well-being and strengthen the environmental resilience of the community.