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Explore all you need to know about solar panel installation specifically for Chicago by delving into the extensive guides offered by SolarCC.


With the help of SolarCC, you will learn about the advantages of solar energy and the complexities of solar installation in the Windy City to effectively harness solar power. Learn how SolarCC empowers Chicagoans by opening doors to a more environmentally responsible and greener future. Are you prepared to travel to the sun?

What Is SolarCC?

SolarCC is your go-to resource for the best solar panel and electric vehicle (EV) charging businesses in Chicago and the surrounding Illinois cities. Learn vital information about solar panel installations, such as tax breaks, special features, discounts, and prevailing trends. Discover our blog, offering insightful information, data, and learning tools about solar energy and electric vehicle charging. SolarCC is a reliable resource covering all things solar, from sustainable energy in Illinois and the best solar practices to major industry trends in EV charging infrastructure.

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Panel installations

Our Expertise in Solar Panel & EV Charging

Here at SolarCC, our expertise lies in offering thorough analyses and suggestions concerning solar panel installations and electric vehicle (EV) charging options.

Our staff makes sure you have access to the most dependable and effective services by carefully assessing and choosing the best businesses in Chicago and around Illinois.

Our comprehensive knowledge of solar energy and EV charging technologies enables us to provide knowledgeable advice on tax breaks, rebates, installation methods, and new developments.

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Exploring Solar Panels and EV Charging Options

Commercial EV Chargers

Electric car charging stations could help your business draw either high-caliber employees or powerful clients. You can accomplish your environmental goals, enhance your brand image, and boost employee productivity with the aid of commercial electric vehicle charging stations. For any commercial property you own or manage, our experts will help you choose the perfect new electric car charging stations, and we promise that all of our goods and services will meet your every need.

Residential EV Chargers

Level 2 charging stations can speed up the process of charging your car so you can finish charging it while you dine, sleep, or take care of the house. We promise that our home EV charging stations will be effective and practical, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with the results. The ideal EV charger model and brand for your house and car will be chosen in collaboration with you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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'Incredibly informative and helpful! The SolarCC team guided me through every step of the solar panel installation process, addressing all my questions and concerns.'

    Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    North Chicago

    'Thanks to SolarCC, we were able to transition our business to solar energy seamlessly. Their expertise and attention to detail made the entire process smooth and efficient.'

      Dylan Simmons
      Dylan Simmons

      'I joined a community solar program recommended by SolarCC, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only am I saving money on my electricity bills, but I also feel good about contributing to a cleaner environment.'

        Henry Ortiz
        Henry Ortiz

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