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Green Energy Solutions for Chicago IL

We provide a wide variety of solar energy solutions for your home or business in and around Chicago including: solar panelssolar generatorscommunity solarEV charging stationsbattery back-up systemssolar roof tiles and more!

Once you know all of the data, switching to solar energy may be a simple decision. Solar Contractors Chicago will provide you a full explanation of how your monthly electricity savings and improved house value may add up to a substantial return on your investment, which will only increase as electric utility costs rise.

Our Solar Energy Services for Chicago IL

Residential Solar Panels

Solar Contractors Chicago is happy to assist you in Chicago IL, whether you are ready to start converting your home to solar energy or are thinking about it. At what we do, we are well-trained, highly skilled, and certified. We are also strong proponents of solar energy as a viable alternative to traditional electricity sources. You can rely on our commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Inquire with our Chicago home solar panel experts about how solar panels combined with a Tesla Powerwall Battery System can help you save money on your power bills.

Commercial Solar Panels

Providing solar energy assistance to Illinois businesses and industrial facilities – Green is the way to go.

We can discuss how you can reduce your operating costs or make your properties more attractive to potential tenants by offering them lower utility bills than your competition, whether you are a commercial property manager, a developer planning a new project, or a building manager for an industrial facility in Chicago IL.

Solar Contractors Chicago is a group of electricians and energy specialists who are well-trained, highly talented, and certified. We’re also passionate about assisting businesses in transitioning to a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of electricity using solar panels in order to help them increase earnings and improve their brand image.

Community Solar

Reserve your solar energy blocks with our community solar program

The Solar Contractors Chicago Community Solar Program in Chicago IL makes it simple and economical to satisfy your electric demands with solar electricity generated locally. You now have the option to buy solar power in “blocks” per month as a Community Solar customer.

You can use the program to purchase some or all of your energy, reducing or eliminating your reliance on conventional sources.

Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are a great solar energy backup solution 

Solar backup relies on solar energy, which is steady, renewable, and completely free. In the event of an emergency, you can rapidly power your equipment or gear and rescue yourself.

Alternatively, traditional generators that run on diesel or gas do not store energy. When you ignite the fuel, they only convert it to an electric current. You need to refuel your generator with diesel on a regular basis to keep the power on. You’ll be stranded if the diesel supply runs out.

Portable solar generators are pieces of equipment that use the sun to generate electricity. They’ve become increasingly common for a variety of reasons. They may be able to assist you in the event of a complete disaster, such as a hurricane, flood, tornado, or severe storm. They will also help in the event of power outages or EMP assaults that might knock out the usual power grid.

Solar Contractors Chicago sells a wide variety of solar generators for your home and for emergencies in Chicago IL.

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Installation in Chicago! We are the leading EV charging station contractor serving all of Chicagoland.

We’re delighted to offer you high-quality home and commercial EV charging options at Solar Contractors Chicago for Chicago. Our charging systems are convenient, and powerful, with a variety of charging options for a variety of electric vehicles. Our EV charging installers in the Chicago area can ensure that your system runs smoothly.

Battery Back-Up

Battery for your home in Chicago with the Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall 2 battery from Tesla Energy is the most recent addition to renewable and conservative energy technology. Tesla has created a true game-changer for home and small business energy storage by doubling the energy capacity without increasing the price. The second iteration of the Powerwall battery, like the original, is designed to be not only aesthetically beautiful but also effective for a variety of qualities and functions. Of course, one of the most notable improvements is that the Powerwall 2 can now handle modest commercial 208-Volt applications, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Solar Roof

Solar Contractors Chicago now offers Tesla Solar Roof tiles in Chicago.

Are you thinking about getting a new roof? Get the most out of your new roof design. The Tesla Solar Roof provides your home with a gorgeous new roof as well as clean solar power. It’s a complete package.

Consider the Tesla Solar Roof if you’ve been seeking for a solar power solution but have been hampered by your Home Owners Association’s prohibition on solar panels.

Why Choose Us?

For more than a decade, Solar Contractors Chicago has been assisting companies and homeowners in lowering their energy expenditures. Because each consumer is unique, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For houses, commercial buildings, shops, schools, industrial operations, and non-profit organizations, we have years of expertise planning and implementing innovative energy profiles.

Why choose us

The impact solar has on our planet

Life as we know it would not exist without the sun. The sun’s light and heat sustain plant and animal life on Earth, as well as supplying energy for all of the planet’s natural processes. We’ve exploited the sun in various ways since humanity first walked on the planet.

The majority of the earth’s surface receives enough sunshine to make solar energy practical. In fact, the amount of potential energy contained in each hour of sunshine that reaches the globe is higher than the amount of electricity utilized yearly by every human on the planet.

Solar power will be critical for our energy future, since it will provide energy diversification while also lowering our reliance on polluting fossil fuels. Solar technology is highly adaptable, as it may be utilized in space or on Earth, at sea or on land, in distant regions where power is required.

Governments all around the globe urge residents to increase energy efficiency and produce electricity from solar to lower energy costs by installing solar energy producing equipment on otherwise idle land and roof areas.

Solar energy is not only financially beneficial, but it also allows you to make a significant contribution to avoiding fossil fuels and making our earth a better place for today’s and future generations. This gives our next generation the opportunity to live in a world where we, the elder generation, formerly lived in peace. This is a WIN-WIN scenario in which everyone benefits.

Benefits of Solar

  • Solar is a renewable energy source that is widely available all over the world.
  • Protect yourself from growing electricity costs.
  • Where there is no grid, provide electricity.
  • Boost the value of your home or property
  • Silent & Modular
  • There are no operational costs and a minimal life cycle cost.
  • Little/no upkeep required
  • Availability in abundance in any corner of the world
  • Deployment is relatively simple and rapid.
  • Reduce the long-term effects of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment.
  • Obtain carbon credits that can be exchanged for cash.
  • Reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of fossil fuel emissions on human health.
  • Reduce or eliminate transmission and distribution expenses.
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of imported fossil fuels.


How do solar panels work?

Sunlight activates silicon cells in solar panels, which react by creating electrons, or energy. The beauty of this method is that it is entirely based on a chemical reaction with silicon, which means there are no moving components or machinery involved, making solar the most popular renewable energy source. Simply set it and forget about it.

What Happens to my Solar Panels at night?

The panels will not generate electricity if there is no sunlight. As a result, most consumers will either purchase a battery to store energy for later usage at night or apply for Net- Metering with their local power distributor, which is typically the less expensive alternative.

Are Solar Panels difficult to maintain?

Because solar panels have no moving parts, they are one of the few things in life that require no maintenance! They’re built to resist every form of weather, both on the ground and in space. Simply set it and forget about it.

Will Solar Panels damage my roof?

Yes, if done incorrectly. Most installers will try to save money by scrimping on basic elements like rat proofing and flashing. Solar Contractors Chicago ensures that every installation is done with love and care, providing each of our clients the attention they need and ensuring a long-lasting installation!

Do I have to disconnect from the normal power grid to use solar?

No, net-metering allows you to benefit from both being on the grid and having solar, giving you the best of both worlds. Depending on the delivery fees associated to your account, disconnecting may make economical sense for a small number of houses and companies.

Does solar energy really save you money?

The short answer is yes, but how much is determined by these three primary criteria…

  1. Exposure to the sun Do you have any chimneys or trees that provide shade to your roof?
  2. The pitch Is your roof a bit slanted? Walkable? or do you prefer it to be flat?
  3. What is the orientation of your roof? Does it face east or west? Or should it be north and south? Because of Canada’s location in the northern hemisphere, south-facing roofs receive the greatest sunlight!

Solar Panel Installation

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