Our Team

When it comes to solar panels and EV charging solutions, SolarCC is dedicated to being open, sincere and helping companies make educated decisions. In order to help you identify the best fit for your energy needs, our hardworking staff provides objective reviews. The ever-changing world of renewable energy is easier to navigate if you have SolarCC to back you up.


Introducing Our Exuberant Staff:

Our team of enthusiastic professionals committed to helping companies find the best solar panel and electric vehicle charging options to increase revenue and clientele. Here are some of our vibrant team members to introduce:

Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson - photo

A mechanical and industrial engineering graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, he offers his job as a copywriter a special fusion of technical know-how and artistic flair. Tyler, who is passionate about renewable energy solutions, discovered his specialty in writing engaging material for websites focusing on solar panel technology. His writing is informed by his engineering experience, which enables him to persuade a wide range of readers of the advantages of solar energy.

Jasmine Patel

A specialist in solar panel equipment with more than 8 years of expertise has advised several solar enterprises. She is regarded as a reliable expert in the field due to her extensive knowledge base and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Emily Nguyen

Jasmine Patel - photo

An experienced copywriter has written several articles regarding solar panels. Through her love for sustainability and her acute eye for detail, Emily has developed over the years into a skilled writer in the sector. Her specialty is creating interesting and educational material to inform people about the advantages of solar power. Emily is committed to using her powerful writing to raise awareness and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

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