Solar Panel Cost in Peoria

How To Find the Best Solar Companies in Peoria

If you’re considering installing a solar panel system in Peoria, you’re in luck. Despite the occasional cloudy days and seasonal variations in the Midwest, Peoria receives a decent amount of intense sunlight while not having very hot temperatures, which decreases the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.

Additionally, being an economic hub in the center of the state, Peoria has many solar companies. Some of the solar installers in Peoria operate throughout Illinois and even outside the state and have positive customer reviews.

With the abundance of solar Peoria options available, don’t rush to sign a deal with the company with the best marketing strategy, but do your research. Pay attention to the following crucial aspects:

  • Experience and reviews: Look for companies with a solid track record and high customer satisfaction. Reliability is crucial in solar panel installation. A company with a longer history is less likely to shut down and drop its long-term warranties and obligations. 
  • Customization options: Choose Peoria, IL, solar power companies that can address your specific needs and accommodate the system to your roofing specifications while maximizing its efficiency.
  • Competitive pricing: Ensure the company offers fair prices in line with market rates. Check for seasonal offers and package discounts that suit your solar needs.
  • Comprehensive service: Choose a provider that handles the entire installation process, from permits and roofing needs to ongoing maintenance. Solar panel installers in Peoria that offer all-in-one services complete projects faster and offer better pricing than several companies responsible for different processes.
  • Long-term insurance and warranties: For peace of mind and full warranties on equipment and system performance, seek a minimum of 25-year insurance coverage.

What Is Solar Panel Price in Peoria, IL?

The price of solar panels depends on the amount of energy they can accumulate from sunlight per hour, which is counted in kilowatts per hour. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory stated that the average market price of solar systems was $2.68 per watt, which means a 7.5 kW system would cost $20,100.

The solar panel cost in Peoria varies, with different sources reporting that it is $3.80 to a more recent $3.27 per watt. Using the average $3.54 price per watt for calculation, the average price for a 7.5 kW (7,500 watts) solar system is $26,550, which, after deduction to the federal tax credit, comes down to $18,585.

The dynamics of U.S. residential solar systems prices (dollars per watt) from 2010 to 2022
Source: Statista
Average Solar Systems Prices in Peoria, IL

System Size (kW) Price Before Tax Credit ($) Price With Tax Credit ($)
5.0 17,700 12,390
7.5 26,550 18,585
10.0 35,400 24,780
12 42,480 31,860

What Are the Best Solar Installers in Peoria, IL?

With numerous Illinois and Peoria solar companies available, we advise you to consider one of the following companies. Our experts chose them because of their complete solar services, positive ratings, and competitive prices.

Company Area of operation  Description 
Sun Collectors IL, VA, FL, TX Started in 2008, Sun Collectors excels in solar design and installation. Their user-friendly design and informative blog will introduce you to the world of renewable energy, offering expertise and educational resources.
Solar Panther IL A local solar company with deep knowledge of solar installation in Peoria, IL, energy storage and energy efficiency, system monitoring, and energy audit.
SunPower by Legacy Solar IL, IA, MO An experienced team of professionals delivering quality solar services. The company has gathered many positive reviews from residents in Peoria and across the Midwest states.

What Factors Influence Solar Panel Cost in Peoria, IL?

Several factors add to the price of solar panel systems in Peoria, IL.

First, the more powerful the solar systems are, the more they cost. Request detailed estimates of how much energy the panels provide from your installer. However, it’s beneficial for a future solar panel owner to understand how they work.

A 7.5 kW system can produce from 9,000 to 11,000 kilowatts of electricity yearly, depending on various factors, including system location. Given Peoria’s advantageous geography and weather conditions conducive to intense sunlight exposure, a 7.5 kW solar system in this area might lean toward the higher end of the production range, sufficient to cover the electricity needs of an average American household.

Check your monthly electricity bills to calculate your yearly electricity usage and evaluate the size of your solar system’s capabilities. Don’t forget that the system must be equipped with an accumulative battery to power up your household during periods with no sunlight.

The type of your household and possible surrounding objects may influence the complexity and price of the solar energy system. Contact the Peoria solar installers to receive more detailed price estimates.

Why You Should Consider Solar Installation in Peoria, IL

Peoria residents may consider the price of solar panels high, making the payback period too long and not worth it. However, let’s calculate the payback period more precisely with the knowledge of Illinois’s electrical energy cost.

In Illinois, the residential sector’s price per kWh of energy is 12.56¢. This positions Illinois in a national mid-range tier, with some states paying over 18 ¢/kWh while others paying under 10 ¢/kWh.

If you’re purchasing a 7.5 kW solar system capable of empowering your household’s electrical devices and appliances, you’ll spend an average of $18,585 after Peoria solar incentives. For a U.S. household, it would save $1,306, based on an average consumption of 10,400 kWh at 12.56 ¢/kWh. This makes a payback period a little over 14 years. Considering that midwest states are known for the highest energy consumption per household underscores the value of solar investment in Peoria.

Should You Choose Local or National Solar Installers in Peoria?

While some solar companies in Peoria work across many states, others focus on specific areas. Both types have cons and pros, which are important to consider when evaluating solar providers in Peoria.

National installers are often larger companies with more resources and access to the latest solar technologies. They may also have more experience, and you’ll be able to find more reviews from users, making it easier to evaluate their expertise and trustworthiness.

Solar panel installers in Peoria, on the other hand, could offer a more personalized approach and high-quality services to strengthen their reputation in the local market. Due to their deeper knowledge of Peoria solar incentives and zoning regulations, the system they install may be more cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, local Peoria solar panel providers often present lower prices since they save resources related to travel and hiring installation subcontractors.