EV Charging Station Contractors

EV Charging Station Installation

Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

We’re delighted to offer you high-quality  commercial EV charging options at Solar Contractors Chicago. Our charging systems are convenient, and powerful, with a variety of charging options for a variety of electric vehicles. Our EV charging installers in the Chicago area can ensure that your system runs smoothly. Additionally we offer charging station design consulting to help you find the best solutions for your property.

EV Charging Station Contractors​

Residential EV Charging StationsEV Charging Stations for Home

Solar Contractors Chicago provides expert EV charging station installations for your home. We are the premier EV charging station contractors serving Chicagoland.


EV charging station design for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are expected to grow in popularity over the next decade or two, accounting for a significant portion of all vehicles on the road. Drivers who need to recharge their batteries can find DC fast chargers in parking lots all across the country, but that doesn’t say much about how we charge our cars at home. Charging an electric vehicle with a standard 120-volt outlet takes a long time, which is why residential EV chargers have become extremely popular improvements for a wide range of property owners. Solar Contractors Chicago offers custom EV charging station design and EV charger design for all of our residential clients.

Consider it done when you choose the #1 EV charging station contractor in Illinois.

Commercial EV Charging Stations in Chicago Illinois

Commercial EV Charging Stations in Chicago Illinois

Installing EV Charging Stations in Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings. Electric car charging station for home and business 🙂


Are you the property manager for a multi-family residential building, such as a condominium or an apartment complex? What about the owner or manager of a commercial building that is visited by a large number of employees on a daily basis? Maybe you’re a business owner who wants to appeal to the electric vehicle population. Whatever your circumstances, being able to provide high-quality electric vehicle charging is a huge advantage, and one that is well within reach for Solar Contractors Chicago. We offer EV charger design, EV charging station design and install commercial EV charging platforms that are designed to take the worry and hassle out of delivering these systems for a variety of purposes!


In addition to our EV charging station design services we install EV charging stations and help you get rebates and tax cuts for all your solar products.


Not only multi-family, but also gas stations, restaurants, and retail stores are looking at the electric car stations business opportunity. Installing an EV charging station for business is a great revenue booster for any business owner. It allows customers to stay and shop for longer, all while providing the convenience of charging their electric vehicle.

Installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Charging Station - Level 1 - 120 Volt (uses standard home outlet)

EV Charger Types - Choosing a Charger

Level 1 charging entails just inserting your EV into a standard household electrical outlet (with an adapter that comes with your EV). Charging a Nissan Leaf in this manner produces 4-5 miles of range each hour of charging, or approximately 22 hours for a full charge.

This appears to be a long charging time, but remember that 80% of US drivers drive less than 40 miles each day. This means that the average EV will not need a “full” charge every night, and can readily recharge during the hours when the car is parked in the garage.

240 Volt Level 2 Charger (same voltage used by your dryer)

The power of Level 2 charging stations ranges from 3.3 kW (40 miles of range for a three-hour charge) to 16.8 kW. (40 mile range with 40 minutes of charge). The best home charger is usually somewhere in the middle, depending on your typical commute and whether you have access to a charging station at work. Level 2 EV chargers must be installed by a qualified installer. Experts in EV charger installation in Chicago are available to chat with you.

DC Fast Charging – High Speed EV Charging for Public Charging Networks in Illinois

Fast charging is required for public EV charging stations in order to permit brief yet worthwhile charging stops. You will notice an increasing number of electric vehicle charging stations popping up at your most frequent destinations throughout Chicago, Illinois, and the United States. New EV chargers are being built in supermarkets, coffee shops, malls, airports, major highway rest stops, and even at your workplace.

Illinois solar incentives include rebates and tax credits for solar energy.

Illinois offers a variety of solar and renewable energy subsidies and rebates. Details on the Illinois energy tax credit, rebates, grants, and solar incentives can be found here.

Chicago solar panel installation will also benefit your new electric vehicle, allowing you to drive with zero emissions.



Where do you see the future? We see it in EV chargers. EV charging station installation is only starting to ramp up. In 5-10 years time, you will see every brick & mortar small business with an EV charging station installed right outside for their customers. For business owners, a commercial charging station is a no-brainer. Customers who drive electric vehicles are only set to increase substantially over the next few years. Adapt or be left in the dust. Business is not forgiving to those who don’t adapt with new technology and trends.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

This is only the beginning. Our recommendation to business owners is for you to get pricing now for EV chargers before the pricing goes up. With rising prices across the board, as well as shortages of various materials, its best to get in early versus when everybody is chomping at the bit to get a charging station installed on their property.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Installation for Business

Commercial electric vehicle charging stations in Illinois

Commercial electric car charging stations are becoming increasingly popular, and they may help you attract and maintain both customers and workers. Being green is good for the environment and for business, and our EV charging station installation professionals at EV Charging Installers of Illinois can supply your commercial property with a high quality electric car charging station and installation to help your business power the future.


As the popularity of electric vehicles has grown, so has the demand for electric vehicle charging stations. Installing electric car chargers can keep your business or commercial property ahead of the competition, and our professionals can assist you. We provide turn-key installations, which means that we will manage every part of the operation, from the initial assessment of your property to the final installation.

Contact us today to get started on your electric vehicle charging station installation, and we'll be happy to help.


EV Chargers for All Property Types


Our professionals can install EV chargers in a variety of settings, including: 

  • Workplaces
  • Hotels
  • Multi-Resident Properties
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Parking Lots and Garages
  • Municipalities
  • And More


Return on Investment (ROI)


The great thing about EV Charging Station installation on a commercial property is that it pays for itself, and it profitable. Bring customers in and make them STAY, which causes them to spend more. EV charging stations create a "stickier" customer that is more likely to come back and spend longer periods of time at your establishment.

If all variables are equal, and you have an EV charging station installed outside of your business, and your competitor across the street doesn't, there is a higher likelihood that customers will patronize your business more frequently than your competition. Isn't that fantastic?


Wait, that's not all...


We also offer Electric Vehicle chargers that can make you residual income via advertisements. There are a few companies we offer that provide recurring revenue opportunities via their display ads on the large flat panel LCD screen.