Your Best Guide on Cleaning Solar Panels in Chicago

Solar panel service worker is cleaning a solar panel

Chicago is also known as Windy City since our city is naturally kind of breezy. And when it breezes, there is dust. Over time, it accumulates on panels and lowers system efficiency. Dust acts like a tiny blanket on the panel’s surface, reducing the sunlight that reaches the solar cells beneath, hindering their ability to convert light into electricity.

Dust often accumulates unevenly, creating shaded areas on the panel. These shaded areas become less productive and may not generate electricity at the expected level.

Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, you should acknowledge the importance of cleaning solar panels so they can effectively convert sunlight into electricity, living up to your expectations.

At the same time, when cleaning solar panels on the roof and other sites, it’s crucial to rely on professionals so your panels are properly maintained and work as efficiently as possible, maximizing electricity generation.



Read on to learn more about your options for cleaning solar panels in Chicago.

Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels in Chicago

Clean panels are more productive. In some cases, you may see a 15-20% efficiency increase after you wash the system. Cleaning your solar panels on the roofalso extends their lifespan.Dirt and grime fasten the system’s depreciation. Regular cleaning helps prevent this by removing abrasive particles that might scratch the surface.

Important: Some solar panel warranties may require proof of regular cleaning to stay valid. The easiest way to document it is to hire an expert. Just ask a chosensolar panel cleaning companyto provide you with the act of performed work and receipt. Save these documents until the warranty ends to provide insurance with documented proof.

Solar panels are expensive, so you naturally want to achieve the highest possible ROI over the years of service. Using the help of proven cleaning solar panel companiesensures you get the most out of your system.

Instructions on Cleaning Solar Panels in Chicago

We highly recommend turning off the panels as the first step of this journey to make the clearing process safe. How to turn off solar panels for cleaningdepends on the panel model, but in most cases, you should look for a switch on the batteries or inverter.

Firstly, check the battery. If it has the Power switch on the main switchboard, turn it into the Off position. If you have a separate inverter, look for a switch called a solar AC isolator. Never touch electrical components while the system is on.

Service professional checks a solar panel

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Solar Panels in Chicago

First of all, we’d recommend using a mild cleaning solution for solar panels, as harsh components irreversibly damage the coating of photovoltaic cells.Work only during moderately warm weather, from 55°F to 70°F. Avoid cleaning on hot days as the panels can be very hot and increase the risk of burns.

Don’t use pressure washing while cleaning your solarpanels, as you may not accurately estimate the perfect amount of water pressure. Incorrect washing can irreversibly damage the panels.

We also don’t recommend cleaning solar panels with hard water, as it hasa high concentration of dissolved minerals. Usually, it’s calcium and magnesium ions that stay on the panel. These deposits can act like a film, reducing sunlight that reaches the solar cells and hindering their ability to convert light into electricity.

TheBest Cleaning Solution for Solar Panels

You should complete the cleaning of solar panels with a basic kit: a few soft clothes, water with a mild cleansing solution, and plain water. If you want more advanced cleaning, book asolar panel cleaning service in Chicago.

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Self-Cleaning Solar Panelsfor Lazy Homeowners

There’s a bit of a nuance with “self-cleaning” solar panels. Their hydrophobic or hydrophilic coating is water-repellent for dust but attractive to water, creating a thin water layer that washes away the dust.

Some coatings additionally use titanium oxide, which activates with UV light. Once the panels catch the Sun’s rays, they develop a mild chemical reaction that loosens dirt and promotes easier rinsing with water.

Is Cleaning Solar Panels on the Roof More Dangerous?

Cleaning solar panels on the roofis generally more dangerous than cleaning them in the field. Therefore, we recommend hiring certified cleaners to clean your panels safely and prolong their lifespan.

As for the solar panel cleaning cost, it depends on the number of panels and location. Somesolar panel cleaning companiesmay offer additional discounts for large or commercial stations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference?

Yes, especially if you live in a dusty area. Use a solar panel cleaning kitto wash the system every quarter, and hire a solar panel cleaning serviceonce a year to cleanse the system deeply. Chicago is known as a pretty dusty city, so frequent cleaning will positively influence system performance.

Is cleaning solar panels worth it?

Yes, regular cleansing boosts the system’s productivity by up to 10%. Meanwhile, consider your surroundings. You can call solar panel cleaning service in Chicagoyearly if you live in a neat residential area. Meanwhile, schedule a cleaning session every 4-6 months if you live in a dusty environment or near an active construction site. The cost of cleaning solar panelsmay vary depending on location.

Do solar panels need cleaningwith special chemicals?

In most cases, a mild cleaning solution, clean water, and a few washcloths will be enough. Don’t use a broom or brush with a hard coating, as they can scratch panels. Cleaning solar panels on the roof requires extreme accuracy.