Residential EV Charging Station Incentives

Illinois Residential EV Charging Station Incentives

Energy Tax Credits, EV Rebates, and EV Charger Incentives in Illinois

Illinois offers some great incentives to deck out your home with EV charging station(s). 

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Incentives for EV Chargers in Illinois

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Here are some of the biggest EV Charging Station Incentive in the Chicago, Illinois area that may help you save money.

  • Federal Tax Credit ➡
  • IEPA Grant ➡
  • Electric Fleet Conversion ➡

Federal Tax Credit for Charging Stations

Following the enactment of a retroactive federal tax credit, those that acquired EV charging infrastructure may be entitled for a credit of up to $30,000 for commercial charging station installations. This federal tax credit has been extended retrospectively until December 31, 2021. The US Department of Energy website has more information.

Grant from the IEPA

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has made transportation electrification subsidies available.

The IEPA will prioritize investments in medium and heavy-duty vehicle charging stations, as well as electric vehicle incentives.

The following are some incentives to convert your fleet to electric:

  • Federal tax credit for passenger vehicles: Most new passenger automobiles are eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.
  • Spend less at the pump: The cost of fueling an EV is less than half that of a typical vehicle, saving up to $1,300 per year. It's the equivalent of paying $1 per gallon of gas.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: All electric vehicles have fewer moving components to repair and cost half as much to maintain during the life of the vehicle.
  • Charging is simple to manage: We can assist you in developing a strategy to manage your charging and lower your fuel bills.
  • Electric vehicles are exempt from state vehicle emissions inspections. Visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Vehicle Testing Program Website for further information.

Visit Ameren's website or contact them directly for specifics and details.

EV Chargers

The cost of a domestic EV charging station varies based on the brand, power level, and installation difficulty.


Depending on the previously mentioned parameters, the average investment amount could be anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Installers and manufacturers in Illinois, however, are making every effort to guarantee that homes receive a variety of incentives to drastically lower these expenses.



Incentives from the federal and state governments are also offered to Illinoisans who establish an EV charging station. A tax credit is available from the federal government for the acquisition and installation of EV charging equipment. Up to $1,000 in total, this incentive can pay for up to 30% of the charger and installation costs.



The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) provides electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) rebates in Illinois. Up to 50% of the equipment and installation costs, or up to $3,000 for networked single stations and $7,500 for networked dual stations, can be refunded under this program.Residential EV charging station costs can be considerably reduced by these incentives.

In order to encourage electric vehicle use, certain Illinois power companies offer residential customers off-peak or super off-peak rates, lowering EV charging expenses. The goal is to switch to electric fleets and reduce fuel use.



Residential EV charging station installation requires more than plugging in. Instead, it requires assessing the electrical system, choosing a charging spot, obtaining permits, and installing equipment. This process may seem difficult, but Illinois electricians and installers make it easy. Most significantly, the installation method follows high safety standards to make home EV charging convenient and safe.
The home EV charging station has many benefits. It keeps your vehicle ready, saves you from waiting in line at public charging stations, and lets you charge when grid demand is low. Advanced features like remote access and scheduling allow these stations to optimize charging periods.


Finally, Illinois is pushing the switch to electric vehicles by offering homeowners many incentives to install EV charging stations. Illinois people may help create a more sustainable, eco-friendly future by knowing household EV charging station cost, installation, and financial incentives. As an Illinois resident, installing a residential EV charging station is more than a climate change nod; it’s a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. So why delay? Check our household EV charging stations today.

As we enter the era of electric vehicles (EVs), more and more home EV charging stations will be required. Several incentives have been implemented in Illinois to entice homeowners to purchase residential EV charging station units.



This campaign aims to promote an environmentally friendly state that is bolstered by an effective and dependable home charging infrastructure for owners of electric vehicles. When talking about household EV charging stations, cost should be taken into account initially.

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